Necessary steps to complete the supreme Project of Divine Wisdom to access humanity's Salvation and man’s Eternity on Earth through the Spirit of God.

The Project of all Messengers and Prophets, peace be upon them,

from the Book of God, the Holy Quran

By chérif Ali Dani.


First step

Construction of the Machine: The Atomic Furqan also called “the Prophetic Machine”, “The Command of Allah” and “the Hour”.


Second step:

Creation of “the living jewels “ and “the angelic spirits”


Third step:

Apparition of the God’s Spirit on Earth.


Fourth step:

Divine Spirit’s action on Earth.


  • The divine Spirit will kill Iblis, the cursed devil, and will eliminate the evil element in the universe. This first and foremost, in such a way the eternal life and the richness are granted to the wicked. Because if the devils are alive while God extends His wealth to His servants, they will be boasting and those of them who access eternity could claim to divinity.


Allah said :

[ Allah ] said, O Iblis, what is [the matter] with you that you are not with those who prostrate?"

He said, "Never would I prostrate to a human whom You created out of clay from an altered black mud."

[ Allah ] said, "Then get out of it, for indeed, you are expelled. And indeed, upon you is the curse until the Day of Recompense."

He said,"My Lord, then reprieve me until the Day they are resurrected."

[ Allah ] said, "So indeed, you are of those reprieved Until the Day of the time well-known." (Quran 15 : 32-38 )


“The Day of the time well-known” will be the Day of the Divine Spirit's apparition on Earth from the area of the Muhammadian (pbuh) atomic Furqan, after a continuous work of ten years. And this will be done by the man's hand, to whom the cursed devil, did not want to prostrate.

  • The Divine Spirit will blacken the faces of unjust and miscreants and will whiten the believers' face with "the Dyeing of God" (Cibghatu Allah). This is the white dot on the believers' forehead which will spread all over their face and their whole body and this is the vaccine against death that offers eternal life to the believers.


Allah says :

On the Day [some] faces will turn white and [some] faces will turn black. As for those whose faces turn black, [to them it will be said], "Did you disbelieve after your belief? Then taste the punishment for what you used to reject." (Quran 3:106-107)

And we have already written in the book [of Psalms] after the [previous] mention that the land [of Paradise] is inherited by My righteous servants. (Quran 21:105)

• The Divine Spirit will make spurt out goods from the Earth with its blessings and treasures and drive away fear from it. To such an extent that wolves will graze with sheep and children will play with snakes, lions and insects. Also that one grenade will be eaten by a group of several men, hiding in the shadow of its peel during the day and night. As well as milk will be abundant in the mammary and the crops will reach gigantic sizes like never before. All of this will be only by donation of Allah.


Allah says :

“On the Day the earth will be replaced by another earth, and the heavens (Quran 14:48)

Men can do without women and women can do without men once adoration will become spiritual enjoyment and lucid drunkenness when it was before weariness and a heavy effort for souls.

Allah says:

“Then, when there comes As-Sakhkhah (one of the God's Spirit names)

On the Day a man will flee from his brother

And his mother and his father

And his wife and his children,

For every man, that Day, will be a matter adequate (adoration) for him.” (Quran 80: 33-37)

That day, the next verse will be fully meaningful:

I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me. (Quran 51 : 56 )

  • Men will enjoy spiritually thanks to listening to the Word of Truth (Allah), The Almighty, behind His veil which is the Divine Spirit. As before Moses (pbuh) who has listened to the word of God through the Sakina by all members and his whole body. And in this listening information will be given about the creation of heavens and earth and the generation of the first ones and the last ones.


Allah says:

Say, "If the sea were ink for [writing] the words of my Lord, the sea would be exhausted before the words of my Lord were exhausted, even if We brought the like of it as a supplement." (Quran 18 :109 )

And if whatever trees upon the earth were pens and the sea [was ink], replenished thereafter by seven [more] seas, the words of Allah would not be exhausted. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise. (Quran 31 :27)

It is in thy way that people will spend some time with The Truth, The Exalted, in preparation for the events of the first resurrection (the small one), during which God will gather a group from every community of those who deny Our signs, and they will be [driven] in rows. Until, when they arrive, He will say, "Did you deny My signs while you encompassed them not in knowledge, or what [was it that] you were doing?" And the decree will befall them for the wrong they did, and they will not [be able to] speak. “(Quran 27 : 83-85)