Dear brothers in Islam,

I call you to achieve the biggest scientific and industrial project of mankind: the construction of the Machine called the Atomic Furqan.

This fabulous project is determinant for the resurrection of the Islamic community and for the humanity salvation. It was publically revealed for the first time in Tunisia, in 1986, on February the fourteenth. Unfortunately, information concerning this Project were mostly not explained or forged when they were published in the local press at that time.

You must know that every Epoch is distinguished by a sign which characterizes it. In fact, in each of those Epoch God has sent a divine man calling to Him with a sign exceeding those of his time.

Moses’ time was the magical one and the magicians prostrated themselves. Medicine was in Jesus' time during while he cured people from incurable diseases and gave life to dead ones.

Poetry and eloquence were characteristics of the Prophet Mohammad's time, and God gave him the Quran full of wisdom and whose beauty in Arabic language is unrivalled.

God, the Almighty has inserted and hid in the Quran for the Islamic community a knowledge and a technology which surpass far beyond everything that mankind had discovered so far and will never manage to achieve itself even though every human being and djinns teamed up for that purpose. In fact the Quran has been revealed with God's science as a sign for the humanity that lives in the era of technology and atom.

It is the Divine Industry: the Atomic Furqan, a machine which the hidden science in the Quran includes sciences of the first ones and the last ones. It is named in the Prophet's biography, al-Halabiyya, the ''Prophetic Machine''(âlatou an-nubuwwa).

The Atomic Furquan is a machine that compresses time. It is a mechanical time in motion that gives life to soil. God, the Almighty, has named this machine Furqan (separation) because with its waters and nuclear radiations and also with the acceleration of time inside it, the Machine totally separates ores and gems from their impurity and also unifies elements that can't be unified without this technology.

Joseph the prophet (pbuh), draw his plans while he was in jail. His realization was accomplished by the power of the pharaohs at the time of Moses and Aaron (peace be upon them).

Moses and his people, with their Furqan Machine (which was named « The city of cooper» in the Egyptian Sinai), made 9 living jewels and they also reached up the step of the first Sakina which was contained in a wooden arch named the Arch of Alliance. However, they stopped in mid-way and didn't reach the last step which is the Final Goal: « And surely, the last step is the Animal, if only they knew! » (Quran 29: 64), this is the Furqanian Divine Spirit whose soul is linked with God, The Exalted.God is for this embodied Spirit as a multifaceted animal its ears, eyes, tongue and its hands. If the embodied Spirit says to something: “ let it be! “, it will be effective instantly with the permission of God.


Dear brothers in Islam,

Today’s theologians don’t know that «The yellow cow » mentioned in the Sura “The Cow” represents indeed the uranium stone. They cannot either explain the term “The Prophetic Machine” even if it is in the prophet al-Halabiyya’s biography book. And the digressed groups exceeding 70, spread here and there, mostly only believe partially the book and disbelieve it partially as well.

Today's Muslims don’t know the closest things in the Book of God and which are vitally important. This is "the Divine Industry for the creation and formation of the living jewels" and this is the central pole around which the Quran turn around since the first verse: “Read in the name of your Lord Who created” (Quran 96:1). A revelation teaching the science of creation. So what about their condition as for the far and hermetic things, like human eternity here on earth by his spirit, and his body in an endless youth, as the example of Khidr (pbuh). And like the elements composing the creation of the living jewels about which the master of Furqan tells the following

“Know the 8 couples, each female, each male, and their egg like a yellow pebble.

Take each element of the couple and change its nature by grinding, combustion, exudation and cooling. And repeat those operations several times till each element from the couple becomes fine dust. And imperatively add on the saltpeter (al-markh) and « al-‘affâr » and also « ‘arq al-raçâç » which get burned as soon as water touches it, in a small or large amount."

Then, insert them into the work from onset and take from each one of both elements for the formation of the living jewels, a nutrient that he will drink due to the heat provoked on one hand by the tree of « zaqqûm » and on the other hand by the freshness of ginger and camphor, till they say at every step of their evolution: "This is what was given to us before; and they shall be given the like of it" (Quran 2 : 25).



Dear Brothers in Islam,

There is in these words the explanation of creation. Someone who understand them, has to know with proofs that there is no doubt about what we brought and nor fruitless discussion.

And what I bring from the Book of God, whose the divine industry for the creation and the formation with the permission of God, you can't assimilate it in one day or two or one month or two, nor one year or two. But we will have to make a model of the Atomic Furqan, which will be the 1/10 scale to facilitate its study and its teaching.

That is the only effective way to totally convince you and to guide you, because then the arcane things will be revealed to you and you will understand remote and complicated things. Due to that, the souls will rejoice, the hearts will appease and eyes will be wide open of happiness. The time prescribed to the construction of the model will approximatively be 2 years. And this machine is truly the world's wonder. The one who possesses it, it will be given to him: "Wisdom and decisive speech (Literally: the verdict, the address).'' (Quran 38 : 20)

O community of Islam,

God the Exalted said about the Quran: "And you shall certainly know the truth of it after a while." (Quran 38 : 88).

The erudite companion of the Prophet Muhammed named Ibn Abbas said: « Let time explain the Quran ». In the same way, the Furqan is as we said a moving mecanical time. And it is really through the Atomic Furqan that you will understand the Quran.

The one who deduces something from the Quran which is apparently true, is in reality making a mistake. And the one who gives erroneous advice from the Quran falls into Unbelief. Actually the Quran is a book whereof the verses are tangled and resembling while having different and very precise meanings. Those verses interpret and explain themselves each other.

It is reported in the prophetic tradition's book, that the Prophet's companion ibn Massoud heard the Prophet (pbuh) saying: ''He who wants science of the firsts one and the lasts one, have to deploy the Quran". And after we deployed the Quran, it has become clear to us that the Furqan is a hidden machine in the Quran, and this is the same Furqan that Moses had in his possession.

God the Exalted said: "And when We gave Moses the Scripture (Torah) and the Furqan so that you may be guided aright”. (Quran 2: 53)]



Dear brothers,

The world we live in is in the grip of divine Wrath which is ever increasing. And the nuclear weapon which is deployed in all regions of the planet is reflecting this fact.

If we do not deal with this Divine Wrath by an outstanding sacrosanct work approved by God (and this is only possible through the realization of the great Divine Project taken from the book of God, which is the Project of the Atomic Furqan), there is no doubt this Wrath will lead our world to the total destruction. God will speak to his servants with the nuclear weapon through a war that will leave not living soul. In fact, even though he had warned them in advance by other means  they have not listened nor reasoned (for example, the Chernobyl explosion which took place the same year as the unveiling of the Furqan Project. It is the result of the bad welcoming given to the Project by hiding it and imprisoning its supporters).

And I don’t want to talk about the dissension (fitna) that Muslims face in their religion and their life, nor concerning the apostasy of  some Arabian people, nor about everyone’s  ignorance of the Book of God and even less about the Fitna of the biggest impostor (Dadjal al-akbar), because I only come  to act and work, not for discussion!

Despite all this, I must be patient to explain people the path we will take together to realize the quranic wisdom’s project. This first represents the construction of the Atomic Furqan for the formation of the living jewels’, the coming out of the Sakina included in the Ark and finally, the appearance of the Fabulous Bird called the Divine Spirit, whose soul is linked to Exalted God and for which He is the ear, eye, tongue, hand and foot.

It will appear in the Furqan’s area, in the middle of thick mists, following the great Crash.

The first acts of the Spirit after its appearance on Earth, in the form of a multifaceted animal of thirty meters high, shall be to kill Ibliss (the cursed Devil) and give eternal life to righteous people so they inherit the Earth by an eternal inheritance.

The Majestic said: "For We have written in the Psalms, after the Remembrance, 'The earth shall be the inheritance of My righteous servants. " (Quran 21:105)

"O you who have believed, respond to Allah and to the Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life” (Quran 8:24). In those two verses it is question of the eternal life on Earth. “And know that Allah intervenes between a man and his heart and that to Him you will be gathered.”(Quran 8:24)

O Community of Islam in Western and Eastern countries,


This is our Project we take from the Book of God and we present you to realize it.

If you respond positively and act in our side to achieve it, then you will succeed, and you will have saved your souls and the world with you. In that way, you will be truly People of Islam and the Saviors of God's religion.

However, if you hesitate to the point that doubt invades you and remains you passive, then know that God will not assign you more time than what He has already assigned you and expect to misfortune.

« Until they see what they were threatened with, either the punishment or the Hour; then they shall know who is in more evil plight and weaker in forces. And Allah increases in guidance those who go aright. » (Quran 19: 75, 76)


Noble brothers,

Words to say about the matter of Furqan are astonishing and explanations that must be given are many. But the chest tightens and tongue cannot express with ease.  So, the only speech that is most understandable and most eloquent for everyone is the execution of the Project and the construction of the Machine.

So we invite you to prepare tools and various equipment and machines required for the construction and industrialization. Then will appear before your very eyes the Proof and Argument because we come for the action and work, not for discussion. And nothing is impossible with science and action.

And may God curse disbelief that made a media blockade on the case of Furqan so that it does not appear to the world, and when it appeared despite themselves, they distorted and lied about it.

Among the confusing things during the media release of Furqan in Tunisia (for this reason 24 people were incarcerated), there is the arrival of the british BBC reporters to learn about the atomic Furqan and the God's chosen party in Tunisia. Although, to my knowledge, no Arab-Muslims countries have sent journalists to inquire about into this matter. As if they did not know or that it does not concern them. This is so confusing, that it leaves the wisest man stumped!




Dear Brothers,


Know that now the News about the Atomic Furqan came to you. You must do everything to realize this Sacrosanct Project and for this you have to do the followings:


The construction of a model to the 1/10 scale that will be used initially for study and teaching. To build this model you have to achieve the following points:


  • Create a ministry within the government that will be named the ministry of Furqan. It will perform all necessary to complete the Project’s needs, by starting with the construction of the model.


  • Rent a land that would be 40 km (24.85 miles) long and 7 km (4.35 miles) wide, in which there will be a school, a mosquee, a restaurant and sufficient apartments for 3,000 people. An administrative center as well as large industrial workshops, such as metallurgy, a steel industry, large towers and mechanical milling machines.


  • The ministry will fulfill all financial, material, industrial and clothing needs related to the Atomic Furqan. Such mineral, animal and plant needs. Construction of ponds, mills, etc.
  • Publication of a monthly magazine which will be called: The way of the Atomic Furqan for the salvation of mankind through the Spirit of God.


  • Creation of a television program to monitor progress of the Atomic Furqan Project. It will permit to disseminate the divine sciences and science of stars so that they become well known and deeply rooted in the population. Thus, everyone will be able to participate in the Project, on the Furqan’s area.


  • Opening a bank account gathering donations from all muslims countries’ mosquees for the implementation of the atomic Furqan project and which will be named "the budgetary account of the Furqan".


  • Call for cultivated candidates who can speak Arabic and connoisseur of the Book of God to work in the Furqan’s area. Amoung those, 3000 candidates will be elected for education, continuous training and work in the Project.


  • Hasten to do the construction of the 1/10 scale model for teaching and study at first, then for work and production. Finally, this model will be a guide for the Great Furqan, since it will advance it from a furqanian year (at the machine scale). So we cannot do without it.


  • Command in the administrative affairs, supervision and construction of the model will be left to the care of the Master of Furqan who will act as his Lord will inspire him and in his own way.



Signature: The noble descendant of the Prophet, the Master of the Atomic Furqan, chérif Ali DANI.