In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


May peace and divine blessings be upon god’s messenger, our beloved Muhammed, and his noble family and all the prophets and upon whom who followed them with sincerity till the day of Judgment.

We are the chosen party Of God, and we are depository of the project of quranic wisdom we are bringing to Muslims of the whole world in order to realize it:

Build the machine Of Atomic Furqan to create living jewels (jawâhir hayya), release the Sakina from the arc (Sakînat-l-Tâbût) and make appear divine supreme Spirit  (Rûh al-ilâhî) in physical form, visible to the naked eye which will grant eternel Life to human beings, in an endless youth, and will kill the devil Iblis , ennemy of God and of the whole humanity.

The atomic Furqan is the "prophetic Machine" which science is hidden in the Quran and with which the God’s messenger came, as mercy for worlds.

It is an industry, more precisely it is a divine Industry and the Quran's wisdom.

God gave several names to this Machine in the Quran: the Furqan, the Hour, Allah’s Order, and the Great News.

This machine’s aim is to:

Make appear God's Spirit in the world in physical form, visible to the naked eye, which is the great intermediary (Al-wasila) between Men and God, and which will settle God's Kingdom on Earth.

That is the Saviour of World:

God's Spirit who will get out of the area of the Muhammedian atomic Furqan.       

Here is the Great Project described in the Quran:

Save World thanks to God's Spirit which will appear from the area of atomic Furqan’s machine which must be built after establishing Islamic Califat.

Ô Islam community,

Hurry up to Relief, to an endless Life and to God's agreement.

Hurry up to realize the project of atomic Furqan to be saved and to Save the World; otherwise, God will exterminate you and the World by a Third World atomic War which won't leave any living soul


The religious guide, noble descendant of Prophet Muhammed, Atomic Furqan’s Master, Chérif ALI DANI